Why ?

Airports challenge is to comply with the evolution of aeronautical regulations for the standardization of runway condition reporting, in relation with the increase in air traffic.

Run[waiz]™ objective is to improve the runway condition assessment using aircraft braking report and latest advances in intelligent processing.

What ?

Run[waiz]™ is an airport decision making tool (CDM / APOC) to optimize airport runway operations in order to streamline traffic and improve airport profitability and safety.

Run[waiz]™ is an Objective Runway Conditions Assessment Matrix Software.

Run[waiz]™ uses any on ground data of an airport, as well as aircraft onboard data to assess runway condition.

How ?

Any ground sensors and any aircraft type should be used to help runway assessment.

The struggle will be won if any relevant factual information are used. Even if you use a coin to measure a contaminant depth, or a tester truck, runway sensors, even optical ones… and now aircraft as well, Run[waiz] gathers and processes and provides the most objective runway conditions thanks to the data in your airport.

Run[waiz] aims interfacing all kind of inputs and displaying a unique and summarized view of your runway conditions, always associated with a confidence indicator.

RCAM is only the beginning, let’s take a step further together to use the high potential of aircraft data and let’s give more objectiveness to all landing braking phases.

Our Values

Airport Benefits /Airside operation

Real time and objective runway conditions
  • Less guesswork and more informed decisions
  • One display for the community (CDM) : an overview of the airport to share with all airports stakeholder with standardized information
Optimized runway availability and operational efficiency
  • Optimized winter operations by use of de-icer, scheduling of de-contaminations and operations for friction measurements
  • Optimized runway occupancy time
  • Optimized runway closure by flight delays reduction and improved schedule reliability
Reliable RWYCC management for improved runway safety
  • Decrease of the runway excursion or other incidents
  • Prevent the high speed taxiway slippage
  • Improve overall aviation safety for the community
  • Compliance to regulation change RCAM
Environmental Challenges
  • Fuel savings by runway closure reductio and go-around reduction and runway occupancy time
  • Better de-icing management

Safran & Run[waiz] main strengths

Aircraft Multi-model compatibility
  • Run[waiz]™ is compliant to several aircraft models operating airport platform (Boeing, Airbus, Falcon…), thanks to SAFRAN portfolio
  • Aggregating several input source data, Run[waiz]™ provide a reliable assessment of runway conditions
  • As an aircraft braking system and flight data analysis expert, SAFRAN’s know-how contribution is a key asset to promote Run[waiz]™ solutions

Airline Benefits / Safety & Profitability

  • Objective real-time return to pilot to help him and prepare the landing approach phase
  • Awareness of slippery conditions
  • CDM overview capability, with ATC and airport operator on degraded conditions with standardized dashboard
Profitability & Low Carbon
  • Runway closure decrease
  • Airline operations optimization : fuel savings (Reduction in the number of “go-arounds“, reduction of the runway occupancy time)
  • Reduction of the flight delays
  • Less de-icing application
  • Risk mitigation
  • Decrease of the runway excursion or other incidents
  • Prevent the high speed taxiway slippage
  • Improve overall aviation safety for the community
  • On time tool for regulation change RCAM/TALPA/ICAO
  • Only friction measurement related data for an airport are used
  • No trace back to airline, aircraft or pilot is ensured

Run[waiz] Projects

Latest News

Full Video : Assess runway conditions with more objectiveness using aircraft braking data

✈ Check out our latest Run[waiz] video !Run[waiz] is a high quality solution, to take the right decision at the right time, for your day-to-day airport operations and runway conditions assessment.

Live Event June 30th – Register to Run[waiz] Webinar

Register to view this Webinar for an excellent chance to see a full overview of Safran Innovation for Airport with Run[waiz]™ a powerful AIRSIDE tool for Runway condition assessment, with last advantage of big-data analytics and automatic Aircraft braking experience for your fine tuning Airport operation.

COVID-19 | Message to our customers

Dear customers, Due to the sanitary restriction of COVID-19 in France, Safran & Run[waiz] has reduced its activities. The impact is being felt worldwide and our thoughts go out to your families, employees and customers who are affected. We have implemented our online resources at https://runwaiz.com and continue to make ourselves available remotely, should you require any assistance or answer […]

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It depends on the data (To be detailed)
The Runway condition Code will be provided with a confident indicator taking into account the last update of the data

What is the refresh time of the data ? How do you consider real time ?

Indeed, the last third part of the runway is not often reached by the aircraft. However, aggregating additional input source data, Run[waiz] can provide a full assessement through all thirds.
But not only ! Aircraft braking action can be extrapolate to the untouched third thanks to a dedicated forecast algorithm based on other experienced by aircraft thirds, and other input data status on the last third.

How do you manage braking action for the last third part of the runway as no aircraft experienced it?

Run[waiz] team


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Previously in charge of a team of aeronautic research project managers for the wheels and brakes division of Safran Landing Systems. Rich and solid experience of 15 years in the aeronautics field, notably 12 years in the field of aircrafts and helicopters braking (development and in service sustaining) as wheels and brakes project manager.

Christophe BASTIDE

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Co-founder of Run[waiz]™, Christophe is building on his 14 years of project management and technical expertise at Safran Electronics & Defense acquired in the design of electrical actuators for Flight Controls, Thrust Reversers and Embedded Electronics. As Project Manager, Christophe works on innovative approaches and pilots multi-trade teams (Safety, Electronics, Mechanics, Software) across the Safran group. Previously on the French Army’s FELIN military program designing Optronics equipment, he is now putting his strength into the Run[waiz]™ intrapreneurship project.


Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

System Architect for R&T project at Safran Nacelles, Laurent managed innovative braking system management project, involving several Safran divisions, before becoming co-founder of Run[waiz]. Laurent can rely on 5 years of experience at Safran Landing Systems as head of V&V system activities for the braking, steering, extension & retraction, landing gear monitoring of the A350, as well as 4 years as a referent and system engineering specialist at Safran Nacelles, through group level contributions to project support, such as the Pearl 700.

Vincent HUPIN

Chief Communication & Financial Officer (CCO & CFO)

ATA32 safety & security architect at Safran Landing Systems before becoming co-founder of Run[waiz], Vincent brought his expertise in reliability, availability, maintenability and safety for more than 10 years on innovative, in development and in service projects associated to extension and retraction system, braking and steering systems.