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Run[waiz] team

Run[waiz], a team of 5 intrapreneurs of SAFRAN international high-technology group operating in the aviation, defense and space markets.

Coming from different divisions of the Safran group with complementary profiles, we have one thing in common: we are convinced that creativity combined with listening enables innovation and performance. We want our team cohesion to be a value that resonates throughout the Airports/Airlines/Authorities community.
This is a challenge we will meet with happiness, honesty and energy.

RUN[WAIZ] team

Céline Colonna-Ceccaldi

Business development
& Chief executive officE

Previously in charge of a team of aeronautic research project managers for the wheels and brakes division of Safran Landing Systems. Rich and solid experience of 15 years in the aeronautics field, notably 12 years in the field of aircrafts and helicopters braking (development and in service sustaining) as wheels and brakes project manager.

Christophe BASTIDE

Christophe Bastide

Product Owner (PO)
Technical officE

Co-founder of Run[waiz]™, Christophe is building on his 14 years of project management and technical expertise at Safran Electronics & Defense acquired in the design of electrical actuators for Flight Controls, Thrust Reversers and Embedded Electronics. As Project Manager, Christophe worked on innovative approaches and piloted multi-trade teams across the Safran group.

Vincent HUPIN

Vincent Hupin

& Financial officeS

ATA32 Safety & Security architect at Safran Landing Systems before becoming co-founder of Run[waiz]™, Vincent brought his expertise in reliability, availability, maintainability and safety for more than 12 years on innovative, in development and in service projects associated to extension and retraction system, braking and steering systems.

Benoît MARTY

Benoît Marty​

Business development
& sales offices

Benoît works at Safran since 25, he has practiced many trades in various sectors. The skills acquired throughout his career allow him to understand the expectations of his interlocutors in large transversal projects quickly. Today, he put this experience at the service of the Run[waiz]™ team.


Laurent Miralles​

Product Manager (PM)
Technical office

System Architect for R&T project at Safran Nacelles, Laurent managed innovative braking system management projects, involving several Safran divisions, before becoming co-founder of Run[waiz]™. Laurent can rely on 5 years of experience at Safran Landing Systems as head of V&V system activities for the braking, steering, extension & retraction and monitoring of the A350.

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Run[waiz] project has the ambition to improve runway conditions assessment using the full potential of aircraft data ! Our innovative solutions gather and valorize aircraft data objectively to take the right decision at the right time in a Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) approach.