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Live Event June 30th – Register to Run[waiz] Webinar

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Register to view this Webinar for an excellent chance to see a full overview of Safran Innovation for Airport with Run[waiz]™ a powerful AIRSIDE tool for Runway condition assessment, with last advantage of big-data analytics and automatic Aircraft braking experience for your fine tuning Airport operation.

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English language, free and open to all Airport and Airside stakeholder.
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Benefit #1 – Best RWYCC assessment including “Braking performance”

Project description:

Reduce Airport operation (less runway closure, IMAG measurement and un-scheduled operations)

  • Increased confidence level of RWYCC with factual data and automation ⇒ reduced workload
  • Help for complex decision-making situation like winter operation, critical weather events ⇒ RWYCC on runway and high speed exit
  • More relevant than IMAG for “lateral friction” -> High-speed turnoff (HST) measurement during braking pedal action

Pooling effect of airport “multi-sensor” : airport operators can simultaneously control several view – Airside and flight operation

  • Centralized dashboard ⇒ one display for the community
  • RCAM support with complex / multi-data source Runway / PIREP / IMAG / weather and aircraft
  • Trigger only when necessary, clear alerts with simple procedure
  • Ensure consistency with FAA/EASA rule and RCAM computation philosophy

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Benefit #2 – Promote AWIS for CDM

Project description:

Overview centralized of runway performance and monitoring with Runway Management System

  • Global view of the airport runway conditions via standardized information shared with all parties concerned -> CDM effort
  • Help ATC / Airport manager to check best compromise “performance vs security”
  • The holding time per hour (monitoring), based on the current capacity at the airport
  • Closure and winter operation: machines, de-icing consumption
  • Confidence RWYCC indicator, on each contributor è simplified and common procedures