Airline solutions

Airline Benefits / Safety & Profitability

" The ability to control what is happening in real time is a real competitive advantage offering tremendous leverage to make decisions and act quickly. "

Boost your operational performance

Optimization of rotations at airports

Runway closure decrease

Reduction of occupancy time

Awareness of slippery conditions

Enhance passenger and pilot safety

Improvement of the preparation of your landings and situation awareness

Reduction of landing risks (excursion or other incidents)

Reduce your airline's carbon footprint

Optimization of your landings

Reduction of diverted flights (fuel saving)

Less de-icing application

Boost your image with your customers

A secure flight schedule

Reduction of delays

Aircraft Multi-model compatibility

FriXion is compliant to several aircraft models operating airport platform (Boeing, Airbus, Falcon…), thanks to SAFRAN portfolio


FriXion provides a reliable continuous friction information without operation disturbance nor hardware to install and maintain


As an aircraft braking system and flight data analysis expert, SAFRAN’s know-how contribution is a key asset to promote Run[waiz]™ solutions

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Run[waiz] project has the ambition to improve runway conditions assessment using the full potential of aircraft data ! Our innovative solutions gather and valorize aircraft data objectively to take the right decision at the right time in a Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) approach.