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FriXion uses a selection of parameters available in flight recorder with QAR data (Quick Access Recorders) for the braking phase only, which are downloaded on ground server by aircraft connectivity: through GSM (3G, 4G), WiFi or satellite communication networks.

The data processing from Run[waiz] side is less than 1 minute and typical data access for processing after landing is between 2 and 45 minutes depending the airlines download strategy.

FriXion objective is to ensure a minimum of 5 measurements per day to superclass manuals IMAG operations.

Without airport data friXion provides a trend indicator for downward or upward, reaching of friction-limited part of the runway, then airport is in charge of coherence with its own airside standards and ATC communication.

With airport data (e.g. Runway contamination or wear data) friXion provides specific context and standards which allow a closer characterization of the runway, such as operational friction values.

Through Safran secure process : no pilot nor airline operation information are identifiable, input aircraft data are not given to airport.

These friction data are the results of Run[waiz] algorithms therefore it is Run[waiz] owned.

No modification is essential. No airframer certification is needed.

FriXion solution is multi-model aircraft so it is compatible with several aircrafts family such as Boeing, Airbus, ATR, Falcon, …

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Run[waiz] project has the ambition to improve runway conditions assessment using the full potential of aircraft data ! Our innovative solutions gather and valorize aircraft data objectively to take the right decision at the right time in a Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) approach.